multimedia interactives


years of experience


films and videos

Skills and Abilities

Project Managment

from kickoff to install

Greg is an experienced project manager and producer, capable of directing project teams on multiple projects simultaneously including writing contracts and SOWs, managing milestones, deliverables, conference calls, budgets, and team allocations.


DSLR, BlackMagic Pocket

Greg also works as a videographer. He has shot dozens of short documentaries and project documentation videos. He is skilled with a DSLR and Blackmagic Pocket. He is certified with Cannon 300C. He is also capable of sound recording with the Zoom H4n.

Sound Design

Scripts, Copy, Text, Seo

Greg is knowledgeable in sound design best practices. He has created basic soundscapes for museums all over the country. He can mix and master audio for films as well. He is well versed in Adobe Audition and can help to dial in and adjust a gallery films in a  space. 

Video Editing

Premiere Pro, After Effects

Greg has edited more than fifty films and videos for museums and corporations all over the globe. He can take almost any raw footage and weave it into a gripping narrative. He is also capable of sound design in Adobe Audition and Color correction,

Interactive Production

Software, Design,Install

Greg is an experienced producer of digital interactive experiences. He has shepherded projects from kickoff to installation, managing teams of software developers, designers, AV integrators, Fabricators, and freelancers to create one of a kind media installations.

Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop, Indesign, and more

Greg is versed in Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, allowing him to be an effective producer and content creator. He is capable of creating media and also understands how media is made allowing for effective management.

Writing / Content

Scripts, Copy, Text, Seo

Greg has 15 years of experience writing professionally. His writing has appeared in publications and museums worldwide. He can write scripts (for films and interactives), copy, advertising, SEO and technical manuals.

Video Production

Documentary / Commercial

Greg has produced dozens of small to medium scale videos and films for museums and corporations. His small nextwork of freelances allows for a variety of budgets and production values. His agile approach keeps budgets small and manageable while exceeding client expectations.

Microsoft / Google Suite

Spreadsheets, Docs, and more

Greg understands spreadsheets, documents, slides, Microsoft office, Google Suite, and file sharing for complex, long term projects. He is a clear communicator and he likes to think that he is quite organized.

Why Greg?


10+ years of experience managing teams of software developers, UX / UI designers, 3D modelers and AV integrators to create large scale experiential digital media installations for museums, corporations and public spaces.

Hybrid Production

Multimedia is the synthesis of video, audio, software and other technologies. As a hybrid producer, I’m capable of spanning the gap between software, media, hardware and technology to create experiences that have impact and resonance.


10+ years shooting, editing, writing and producing videos for museums, public spaces, and interactive installations. My work runs the gamut from live action to documentary shorts and overseeing various scales of video productions.