Role: Producer, Video Editor, Content Developer, Researcher

Company: Unified Field / 3rd Person Studio

The American Battle Monuments Commission tasked the team with creating a suite of Interactives and linear media short films for it’s Manila American Cemetery in the Philippines, final resting place of over 17,000 American soldiers and sailors.  

For this project, I oversaw the development of 3 interactive programs and edited 5 newsreel style gallery films. We partnered with a retired brigadier general and ABMC historians to create a compelling and historically accurate story.

Gallery Films Editor

Throughout the museum, visitors find five gallery films that I edited and sourced the archival material from the Internet Archives and the National Archives. The short films: Japan Attacks, War in The Pacific, Civilian Internees, POWS, and Graves Registration take guests through the First Japanese attacks on the Philippines and into the grim story of Japanese Occupation and the island hopping campaigns which liberated the Philippines. Other gallery short films like Civilian Internees, tell the story of American men, women and Children trapped under Japanese confinement.

Interactive Producer:

Manila American Cemetery is the largest of the 15 WWII cemeteries that ABMC manages and maintains on foreign soil, with more than 17,000 graves of fallen American and Filipino service members. A large touch screen interactive map brings the War in The Pacific to life with multimedia content developed in unison with the ABMC historians. This scrubbable timeline map lets visitors sample hotpots, videos, text, photos while investigating the war. The entire system is ADA compliant and accessible. Working with a UX / UI Designer and a software developer we designed and developed this interactive in HTML5.

Two interactive databases allow visitors to look up individuals buried in both the Manila cemetery as well as all AMBC cemeteries world wide. Working with a UX / UI Designer and a software developer we designed and developed this interactive in HTML5. The software connects with the ABMC’s Graves Database API developed by the Big Chief Web Agency, to make certain the database in the interactive is always up to date. The client liked the AMBC World Wide Interactive so much that they hired us to design and develop it in landscape style for their D-Day visitor center in Normandy.

Press & News:

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