Role: Producer, Video Editor, Videographer, Writer

Company: Unified Field

For three years, I was the lead producer on Dogs! A Science Tail, a bilingual touring exhibition developed by the California Science Center and Evidence Design. For the project, I oversaw the production of 15 linear media films and a suite of digital interactive experiences, while managing a bare bones (pun intended) media budget of $590,000.

My tasks for this amazingly fun project were: Project Management, script writing, video editing, videography, video production, interactive production, and AV installation.

Interactive Producer:

My responsibilities for Dogs! A Science Tail were split into two main roles, interactive and linear media video. For the interactive component, I managed a team of UX / UI designers, animators, 3D modelers and software developers to create a suite of over 10 digital multimedia experiences that let guests experience what it’s like to see like a dog, smell like a dog, and run like a dog. 

Two Kinect games allow guests to recreate Dr. Greg Bern’s MRI dog study and to also play with and train a virtual puppy.  Every interactive and media component is bilingual in English and Spanish. The exhibit is also fully ADA compliant. A BlueTooth Beacon app we developed makes content accessible to the blind.  

Video Editor, Videographer and Video Producer:

In addition to all of the interactive media, I oversaw the production of 15 linear media short films for Dogs! A Science Tail. The tight budget required that my role entailed everything from writing to video editing and videography and dog talent casting, while also managing all interactive and video components simultaneously.  

The intro film, “From Predator to Pooch: Dog Evolution,” explores the 10,000-year-old bond between humans and dogs. The film is composed of original and sourced footage, original animations and 3D models composed to tell a complicated history, in a brief and delightful animated tale. The animations were created with the help of a freelance 3D modeler and Unified Field’s in-house animator.  

Another unique film, the “Dog Infomercial” is a hilarious spoof—on both pharmaceutical commercial and infomercial—extolling the health benefits inherent in relationships between dogs and humans. Visitors can watch it from either a human or a dog POV, and both are equally funny and engaging. For this component, I wrote a simple script that could be filmed anywhere and hired a small production team and the top dogs in show business through the Dawn Animal Agency.

Nearby, the “Dog Care Kiosk,” an interactive video station, offers guests a humorous exploration of common pet care dos and don’ts. The production mixes live-action with humorous animations to create a veterinarian’s office in a magical world reminiscent of a child’s drawing come to life. Here, seven bilingual videos detail responsible dog care including diet, socialization, vet care, indoor hazards and other pertinent canine issues in ways that visitors will never forget.

On the more DIY side, I shot, edited and produced several documentary shorts including the “Future of Dogs” and “Partners with Paws.” The Future of Dogs explores the work of dog scientists at Emory University, Georgia Tech, and NC State and highlights the groundbreaking work being conducted in these labs. Another video and interactive kiosk details the Nation’s largest provider of service dogs, Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that teaches dogs to care for humans with disabilities.

Script Writer :

For the project I also served as script writer for several of the films including Dog Evolution and Infomercial. The team worked closely with the Science Center to determine voice, tone, and educational objectives while the realities of budget dictated the scope. I oversaw the work of a freelance content developer who wrote the text for the interactives. Near the completion of the project, I oversaw the translation and re-recording of all media assets in Spanish.