Role: Producer

Company: Potion

The newly opened Bronx Children’s museum is a delight for the children of the Bronx. For this much needed museum, the Potion Team and I worked closely with the Bronx Children’s museum and Bronx artists Jerome Lamaar and luss Ningiloni to craft a Kinect Azure activated game that allows a menagerie of critters to get down and boogie.

For the project, I worked as a producer overseeing the SOW, contracts, change orders, scheduling. conference calls, deliverables, design revisions, software Q&A, and more. 

This fun dance game allows up to six children of all ages to don a 3D digital avatar and dance and trigger Easter egg animations and original musical compositions by Bronx musician, Luss Nigaglioni. 

The interactive dance game, Bronxtopia, is suspended from the ceiling in a structure called The Cloud.

Using the character sketches and background concepts developed Bronx fashion designer and artist, Jerome Lamaar, Potion set about creating a 3D universe to activate Jerome’s vision. Under my supervision, the concepts were translated into faithful 3D models by Emmy Award Winning 3D artist, Dan Gregorias.

The interior of the Cloud and the Bronxtopia interactive, two projections and Kinect Azures.

Because of budgetary constraints, all dance animations (6 in total), were generated by Adobe’s Mixamo. These dance animations are triggered by power drop downs that triggers a unique dance and song for each character.

Character art provided by Jerome Lamaar, were then translated into 3D models by Emmy Award winning 3D Artist Dan Gregorias.

Atmospheric animations, backgrounds, and Easter egg were all then animated in house in Unity by Christian Browne at Potion.