For this project I oversaw the creation (and edited) 5 documentary shorts detailing the Space Shuttle program for the Samuel Oschlin Pavilion at the California Science Center, which houses the Space Shuttle Endeavour. I worked with another editor to edit and create the documentary shorts detailing Launch!, Life On Orbit, Becoming an Astronaut, and Science in Space.

As a media producer, I managed the project schedule, created the contract and SOW, presented work to the client and managed expectations. My research, enabled us to tap into NASA’s vast archives for Public Domian B-roll.

Part of an interactive kiosk beneath the Space Shuttle, these films chronicle the experiences of astronauts as they embark on space travel.  Weaving together archival footage and audio I sourced from NASA with interviews of the astronauts who flew on board Endeavour, I helped to create an exciting and informative series of films designed to take viewers on an astronauts’ eye journey into space.

These videos star real life astronauts: Mike Fincke, Dan Bursch, Garrett Reisman, Sandra Magnus, Danny Olivas, Kay Hire, Drew Feustel, Steve Swanson and Charlie Precourt.