Role: Producer, Content Developer

Company: Potion

A finalist for the 2020 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards in the workplace category, ArtLens for Slack is the first rapid-response art exhibition app designed for remote workplaces during the COVID Pandemic. This innovative chat bot generates artworks from the CMA’s collection based on a prompt, bringing works that span centuries to present-day conversations. ArtLens for Slack allows users to recharge, get inspired, and discuss current topics in the digital workplace. 

For the project, I worked as an interactive producer and content developer. As a producer, I oversaw software development, design deliverables, scheduling, conference calls, and SOW. For content development, I helped to create a gameplay structure for the chatbot. My writing was used to create the bot’s personality and I created a series of initial dialogues and games which the Cleveland Museum used to create a host of their own content.

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