Role: Producer, Gallery Film Editor, Videographer 

Company: Unified Field

For the project, I served as an Interactive producer, gallery film editor, researcher, and videographer. As an editor- I edited 5 short films throughout the museum. As an interactive producer I oversaw the creation and installation of 6 interactive oral / video story history stations, dynamic lobby displays, digital signage, and the Seeds of Service media wall exit experience.

Gallery Films Editor

To develop the films and interactives we discussed the narrative objectives with stakeholders and curators to create 5 films with archival footage and oral history interviews supplied by the museum.

The footage and interviews were edited into gallery films that reinforced the learning objectives of each zone in the museum. The first three films are a chaotic POV overview of the attacks on the towers and the Pentagon. These shocking media pieces are designed to impact guests entering through a corridor containing the shock and horror of that day.

Visitors then make their way into the galleries dedicated to the healing process. Two other gallery films, highlighted the recovery of lower Manhattan, the rebuilding, innovation in policing, and the philanthropic work of the Families of 9/11.

Interactive Producer:

As an interactive producer in this project I oversaw client calls, deliverables, milestones, SOW, budgets, prototyping and installation. We created a storytelling pod, a bright sign activated victims wall, and six oral history stations on touch screen kiosks.

The Seeds of media wall features visualizations illustrating the power of groups and individuals dedicated to doing good around the world. Seeds of Service, is a highly participatory and dynamic experience. Visitors either pledge to do some good in the world, or share some of the good that they are already doing.

Project Documentation Videographer & Editor:

At the conclusion of the project, I documented the space as a videographer and shoot b-roll footage of the exhibit and its media in use by paid actors. I edited several short videos for Unified Field and Skolnick Architecture, the museum’s designer. The footage was also used on street level advertising at the museum.